The Board

Sandro Bertozzi
Sandro was the organizer of the first Drone Race in the world made on the beach in far 2015, building up a huge cage of over 4000cm to beat the restrictive italian lows. He still fights for FPV Community rights in Italy organizing more new events every year.
 Yann Oeffner
Executive Officer
Yann has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the drone sports community and is the head of the Swiss League.
Ric Vinuesa
Ric is head of the Spanish League and was responsible for technical organising of the first Drone Expo in Europe “Expodronica”.
Natalia Stelmokaitis
Social Media Manager
Being a complete outsider, she has become a professional organizer of international drone races. Natalia has held the 1st official qualifying drone races in the Baltic States. What is more, she has created a unique design of a durable track for drone races and successfully implemented this project. Her mission is the popularization of drones in the Baltic States and the consolidation of minor companies into a large drone community. In addition, Natalia actively promotes industrial drones, finding a use for them in different spheres of life.